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There are two kinds of people in this world, those who love Breaking Bad and those who haven’t seen it yet.

The story can be summed up as this: a chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico finds out he has six months to live and decides to sell crystal meth to provide for his family when he is gone. It sounds so simple and yet what follows is extraordinary television. Here are ten reasons to watch Breaking Bad.

1. The Reality of It.

breaking bad

Breaking Bad starts with an ordinary life situation. A man in his 50s who thinks he will get the stars but ends up as a regular school teacher. An easy-going kind of guy with a nagging wife (and boy! Does she nag), her controlling sister, a macho brother-in-law, a sweet son, a leaking house and a baby on the way……nothing special.
The beauty of the show is in the way life knocks Walter down (Bryan Cranston), and then how he gets back on his feet and goes on one hell of a run, in ways we never anticipated.

2. The Writing.

breaking bad chefs

One of the main reasons Breaking Bad is so amazing is because of the wonderful writing. The characters are so well developed you feel like you really know them. Then there’s the suspense, oh God the suspense. Edge of the seat doesn’t even cover it, your heart will be pounding at some of the twists in the story and you’ll be left stunned by some of the cliffhangers. It always leaves you desperate to watch the next episode, like the meth addicts in the show, the ultimate aim of every TV program.

3. Visually Stunning.

breaking bad stunning scenes

No other show on television places so much emphasis on visuals and color as Breaking Bad. As Alyssa Rosenberg notes, the show has “raised the bar for cinematography on television: the way it uses light and color will make you look at everything else differently.”

There are no wasted frames in Breaking Bad. Shot in 35-mm film, every scene balances its mood, its tension, on its use of colors. Somehow the show captures and accentuates the rich hues of the American southwest perfectly – and not just the reds and oranges of the landscape. Breaking Bad takes risks with even the most mundane moments: black hair against yellow sheets; the play of light and shadow at the dining room table; the lines in Walter White’s face.

breaking bad transition

Director of Photography, Michael Slovis, described the show as “real film-making.

Why not open up season two in black and white with just one hot pink teddy bear floating in a pool? Why not play with wide-angle lenses and other visual techniques? Why not juxtapose action sequences with long, slow shots of the desert? Lots of shows don’t take even these small risks, but Breaking Bad pulls no punches.

4. The Humour.

It’s not all drama and tension in Breaking Bad, there are plenty of hilarious moments to lighten the load. Hank gets a lot of the zingers, especially when he’s hanging out with his DEA buddies.

However, it’s Walt’s dodgy lawyer, Saul “Better Call Saul” Goodman who is the real comedian of the show. Some of his one-liners will have you cracking up.

5. Yeah, Science!

Breaking Bad isn’t just about cooking meth. Science is used for all sorts of fun things – like building homemade batteries or creating poison out of beans, or using mercury fulminate to make a meth look-alike that’s actually a highly explosive material you can use to intimidate a psychotic drug dealer:

You may also learn how to cook crystal meth, though we’re not advocating this as a career choice.

6. The Spinoff Shows.

El Camino

As if Breaking bad wasn’t awesome enough. Walt’s dodgy lawyer, Saul “Better Call Saul” Goodman who is the real comedian of the show with some of his one-liners got so popular that he got his own spin-off which us a deeper insight into the drug cartel and how he met Mike and Gus.

Oh! And the El Camino movie which took off from the season finale with Jesse Pinkman escaping in a black Chevrolet El Camino.

Sources: Forbes, Entertainment, Snippet Studios.

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