public urination
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The sensation rushes through you, you burn intensely with liquid heat and a bead of sweat swells on your forehead as your ‘below the belt’ region takes charge.  Then, an opportunity springs up by the side of the road to free the waste from the gates of your body. Oh, finally…you get to answer nature’s call, and as usual, it felt priceless. But wait, you just did that in public!

public urination

When walking through the streets of cities in Nigeria or driving, there’s always that one person you see by the side of the road who is absent-mindedly committing the act of public urination. It gets even more offensive when they let the ‘whole thing’ out and swing it in front of everyone.

It turns out that the stench caused by the act of public urination is not the only problem, as it sometimes causes traffic too. Yes, traffic. Some bus drivers actually cause holdups just because they need to take a ‘quick leak’ right in the middle of the road. Isn’t that an annoying, inconsiderate and uncivilised act?

urinating in traffic

Big Nigerian cities like Lagos, Kaduna, and Port Harcourt already have their fair share of waste management problems; ignoring the menace of public peeing will only make it worse. Did you know that in some states in the USA, people who engage in public urination are branded, sex offenders? In fact, in Singapore, there is a ban on public peeing, and public spitting. Yes, it is that much of a big deal.

So, what do you do when nature calls and you have to take a pee while you are out and about? Simply stop at the nearest restaurant, fuel station, or urinal facility to take that leak.

On the other hand, the Nigerian government should provide more urinals at strategic locations, and ensure that they are kept clean and tidy at all times, even if the service would cost users a little amount of money. Also, a task force should be set up to ensure that people who refuse to use any of the available options when nature calls are arrested and fined a specific amount.

Public urination is really bad and should be considered a crime.

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