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This thing called poverty is so deadly! If our young men aren’t stealing women’s underwear for rituals, they’re severely undervaluing expensive equipment for the sake of crumbs for their next meal.

Such was the case in Katsina, where Police arrested a man by the name of Hamza Sani, for allegedly stealing a microscope belonging to the Malumfashi General Hospital.

If you’ve never heard of Malumfashi and thought it was a character in the upcoming “Lion King” movie from Disney, trust us, you’re not alone.

The worst thing about this story is that the microscope is valued at N1.7 million. Your boy Hamza sold it for…..FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA! Poverty! What will he do if he sees $30k?

poor boy

It’s enough to reduce anyone to tears. Speaking of “You are not alone”, Hamza conspired with four other men to steal the microscope.

All five men were apprehended by the Police. Apparently, they’ve been working as a team specializing in stealing hospital equipment.

During his interrogation, Hamza confessed to stealing the microscope because he needed the money to take care of his sick wife. The irony of stealing from a hospital in order to use the funds to pay for the medical care of an ill person.

Nigeria! Are you paying attention? Your citizens are poor. Your citizens can’t afford basic healthcare. Your citizens aren’t educated enough to understand the value of assets. Your citizens are reproducing like Rabbits. We are sitting on a poverty keg oooooh.

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Source: The Punch

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