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Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture says “Justice has been served.”

Crocodile tears for Pizza exports

UK Prime Minister Theresa May tearfully resigned from her post in an announcement to the press on the steps of Number 10 Downing Street. Brought down by the UK “Pizzagate” scandal exposed by Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture back in March, many knew her days were numbered.

Ok, so that probably happened in a parallel universe where President Buhari has a PhD in Quantum Physics, but here in our own part of the Milky way galaxy, Brexit has claimed its second Prime Minister in a row after David Cameron. The political tussle over how Britain leaves the Eurozone doesn’t seem to have an amicable end in sight.

Three times Theresa May offered a deal on this matter and three times members of her own Tory party rejected her. Some called it an impossible job. There are simply too many interest groups and factions to deal with.

What’s next?

Her resignation takes effect on June 7th, after which she will serve as caretaker Prime Minister until a replacement is found, expected to happen before the end of July. “Rumor has it” like Adele that this man is the favourite to replace her:

That’s pro-Brexit politician Boris Johnson. He’s liked by Donald Trump tell’s us a lot, in addition to both men being overweight with hair that looks like wigs.

It’s anyone’s guess where Britain and the Eurozone go from here. The wild ride continues.

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