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The latest Avenger movie is here and it’s all the rave at the moment. Every where you go, its all you’re gonna hear for the next few weeks which means you’re gonna have to visit the cinema and watch how the world gets saved…….again.

With that said, we want to give you a quick heads up on the people you’re gonna meet and avoid or try sitting next to if you want to follow each scene and catch all the easter eggs.
Lets get into it

1.The Diehards
These guys have seen every prequel, sequel and all the quels out there so they know all there is to know about the movie and all its characters which is pretty cool especially when you’re clueless like me they’re not great to talk to because they’ll be irritated by you mixing up some facts and offended that you are not a die hard as well.

avenger thanos fan

2. The Phone addicts
You’ll see them tapping and scrolling away with their eyes locked onto the phone screens which is a normal site these days and none of your business till the lights go out, the movie starts and you start to wonder with so much annoyance how a tiny device could shine so much light into the corner of your eye…… experience = terriblé.
Avoid these guys and girls if you want to get your money’s worth.

3. The Lovebirds
You’ll find them super annoying if you’re single and probably want to slap them if you’re just coming out of a break up. This will be a massive distraction if they’re sitting in front of you doing lovebird stuff.
For the lovebird it’s always a nice experience especially when it’s a romantic movie, ohh the butterflies but this is The Avengers we are talking about!

4. The Commentators
The people that think we need their opinion on every scene in the movie. You’ll hear them whispering opinions constantly giving blow by blow commentary to their miserable neigbhours, what’s worse is when it’s in pidgin.

If you can hear them you’re probably just as miserable. Luckily you can spot these guys before the movie asking questions and giving unwanted thoughts and commentary to their friends, avoid them quickly.

5. The Mummies and Daddies

They come in with their babies and 2 year old toddlers……..lots of kicking and screaming. They ought be arrested, avoid them!!

OR just be like me wait 3 weeks for the buzz to die down and go to an almost empty cinema and enjoy the movie. Good luck avoiding the spoilers.

avengers spoiler avoid

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