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The Nigerian-Biafran war came against the backdrop of series of progroms against the people of Eastern Nigeria. Colonel Ojukwu, the then Governor of the old Eastern Region, took the decision to secede as the targeted killings became worse.

When he did, his region was invaded by Nigerian soldiers seeking to keep the country united at all cost.

Innocent Ilo writes in this Al Jazeera opinion Piece, “In the markets and on the way to the stream, people had started to whisper tales about pogroms in the north. They said Igbo people – the ethnic group to which my father belonged – were being rounded up and killed in Kano, Kaduna and Sokoto, some 600-1,000km away.”

It did not take long before guns, bombs and shells pierced ears and hearts. The war ended in 1970, but the Igbos of the Eastern region still swear that the war is still raging against them, more so the way the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has systematically removed them from the nation’s security apparatus and key appointments.

Here are some reactions as the children of the dead soldiers, living legends and history, remember the moments leading up to and after the war and pray it never happens again.

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