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Well, well, well, guess who just became the coolest Governor in Nigeria and is going to be invited to all the weekend University parties if they’re not on ASUU strike:

It’s Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo state!

Yesterday, the Governor revealed a picture of himself in Thailand.

Gov Akeredolu

Unlike President Buhari and his secret trips to the UK, the Governor was happy to reveal the purpose of his trip to Thailand. Accompanied by the Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Col. Muhammad Mustapha, the Governor was in Thailand on an exploratory trip titled “Medicinal Cannabis Extract Development.”

With Thailand becoming the first country in South-east Asia to legalize medical marijuana in 2018, Governor Akeredolu took the Chairman of the NDLEA with him to observe the processes employed by the nation to mass produce Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

We actually thought he took the NDLEA chairman with him as insurance to avoid being arrested upon returning to Nigeria but we were wrong.

So why go on this trip? The Governor explained on his Twitter page.Gov Akeredolu's tweet

He continued:

“Our focus now is Medical Marijuana cultivation in controlled plantations under the full supervision of the @ndlea_nigeria. I strongly implore the FG to take this seriously as it is a thriving industry that will create 1000’s of Jobs for our youth & spur Economic Diversification.”

With Cannabis being illegal in Nigeria, the governor has an uphill task to garner the support needed to legalize it. With the promise of jobs and taxable income for the state of Ondo, he just might have a case to make if he can get the NDLEA on his side.

This is a developing story to watch. What are your thoughts? Drop us a line and keep on talking!

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