oau generates its own electricity
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A Nigerian university with its own power source. What is this a sci-fi movie? No, it’s 2019 and we’ve got the power. The Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Generates its own electricity and they are looking forward to the benefits.

The Vice-Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University announced this at a conference. He spoke about the plans for how OAU generates its own electricity.

“One of the key challenges we have is an unstable supply of energy. In fact, it is so erratic that you cannot plan any meaningful research. Luckily now, we are working with Rural Electrification Agency to provide for us a gas-powered turbine that will generate 8.0 megawatts of electricity.”

The energy needed for the university is roughly 6 megawatts. Although once OAU generates it’s own electricity with turbines it will be up to 8.03 megawatts. The excess energy powered up will be used by neighbouring communities. It’s a win for everyone all around.

However, the most surprising news of all is the revelation of the finish time. This project which started 2017, was due to be completed 2 years after. The October finish is way ahead of schedule. A phrase we all know isn’t often used in these parts.

This is a wonderful achievement. Better research conditions for their science facilities. Better living conditions for the students and staff. Let’s hope more universities follow suit. Whether the government can pick up a few tips from this, is another story. For more on who’s criticizing the government view here. For more on the story view here.

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