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So you will experience all kinds of hell and back if you do your NYSC this year but at least you won’t die. Shuaibu Ibrahim the Director General of NYSC has taken a public promise to ensure that no male or female corper under his watch will die under his service at NYSC.

He topped it up by even saying in his effort to protect the lives of corps members, he was prepared to sacrifice his own life. We wonder how that would play out.

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Essentially he can’t ensure you have clean water to bath, a bed without insects or food that doesn’t give you the runs but he will lay down his life for you to enjoy all that was previously listed.

He took the opportunity to declare his life for the youth corpers during a recent visit to the NYSC Zonal office in Akure, Ondo State. There’s a new addition available to the NYSC program whereby credits will be made available who engage in entrepreneurial ventures and skills acquisition.

The DG urged the corps members to take the opportunity of the entrepreneurial programmes put in place by the scheme rather than embarking on “frivolous travels”. As if there should be any reason why the corps members would want to get away from camp… read more here

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