Sanwoolu Apapa Gridlock
Sanwoolu Apapa Gridlock
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Dramatic much? As the Governor of Lagos State, Sanwo-olu takes a very crucial U-turn on ending the Apapa Gridlock we are all scratching our heads in wonder. Quite necessarily so because his enemies almost got him.

How was the governor going to fight the cabals and godfathers owning tankers and trailers littering the streets of Apapa? How will the governor explain to the ‘Agberos’ that their N1000 per day livelihood was coming to an end?

How was the governor going to do something he did not pass through his Godfather? Or do you people want him to end up like his predecessor?


Yes, he promised to end the gridlock in 60 days, and now he has withdrawn his promise, what can Lagosians do? Please, sir, the loyal Lagosians are pleading with you. They understand that ending the gridlock in 60 days is not possible.

They understand you have to have Baba Tinubu on the know before you do as much as ease the pains of Lagosians, but maybe you can strive not to abandon the idea totally. This request is even coming from the association of Sanwoolu loyalists,( at least till the next election cycle).

But wait a minute, is this Apapa gridlock situation not enough reason to make Nigerians protest against bad governance? Nigeria loses billions due to that Gridlock. Why can’t a governor, put aside politics, and fix that road.

Yes, there are forces against it, but many have lost their lives through the inefficiency of that structure. Sanwo-olu loyalists are still begging ooo, and in case anyone is doubting if the governor made such the promise let us give you a helpful reminder here.

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