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Roma FC has tweeted that its players should not take pictures with Drake till the end of the season. Even though we’re all laughing and they’re calling it a joke, low key I bet behind closed doors there’s been a private meeting with players sternly warning to please avoid Drake for now!

If you still doubt this whole Drake curse thing, lets just have a quick recap shall we.

Kurzawa of PSG took a pic with Drake and posted, soon after a title-ready PSG lost 5-1 to an underdog, Lille. The conspiracy deepens when you find out that Paul Pogba took a picture with Drake and went forward to lose 2-1 to Wolves in the FA Cup, same for Aubameyang, who lost 1-0 to Everton in the Premier League.

Then on top of that, pictures emerged of Drake and Kevin De Bruyne at some party , which means… omg they MAY have taken a picture together prior to the Man city’s Champions League tie with Tottenham Hot spur, where they crashed out of the campaign.

And don’t get us started with the basketball games in America. Call it a curse or superpower, Drake should please use his powers responsibly.

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