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If you want to know what a 180 degrees switch in circumstance looks like, keep reading. Once upon a time, the UK invaded Nigeria, took our independence and assisted with slavery because they saw the value Nigeria held.

But this is not the same story of today, instead, the UK warns against visits to 21 states in Nigeria. Not 1, not 2, but 21. It is important that we ask how we got here because that period of time ended only 60 years ago.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is the platform that this warning was advised on, and they say it is because of the Boko Haram attacks that show no signs of slowing down. It was further advised to avoid crowds, religious gatherings, markets, hotels.

So basically avoid everywhere! Stay in your homes they said. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also warned that “Attacks could be indiscriminate and could affect western interests as well as places visited by tourists”. Also asking people to take heed because  “The security environment in the northeast has deteriorated since 2018”.

Nigerian TROOPS

Well there you have it people. And what is Buhari doing while the UK warns against visit to 21 states?

Read more about UK and Nigerian connections here.

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