Nigeria Border
Nigeria Border
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The Nigeria border has been closed for the past 3 months and the government is not backing down.

In the last 4 months or so, the Nigeria Border has been closed by the FG for economic reasons. The FG while closing the border hoped that this would curtail smuggling and dumping of substandard products in Nigeria.

Here is another article on Nigeria’s economy by Talkabout.

Moreso, the FG is concerned that the farmers in the country are not selling off a lot of their products due to increasing dependence on the cheaper imported options. Ever since the border closure, Nigerians have complained about the high prices of rice in their areas.

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Talkabout took to the streets to ask Nigerians how the border closure affects them financially.

  1. Wale, A Security Man: “Everything don put money. Now wey Christmas don dae reach, I no no whether I go fit buy rice chop. But I hear say them go soon open border, say na just this year wey them go close am.”
  2. Evelyn, a Teacher: “They did not increase salaries and food is expensive. Had it been they had started paying minimum wage, this would be bearable. But not only the rice issue. A lot of things have added money. There is inflation. Before, if I take N5,000 to market, I know what I will buy. But now, it is almost nothing.”
  3. Adebayor is a retiree: “Well, I think the government may have a plan for closing down the Nigeria border. I was reading the papers and they said our import reduced. We cannot move forward while buying everything we consume from abroad. We have to produce made in Nigeria and consume made in Nigeria. I believe that for now, things are expensive, but it is for a good reason, There is often a storm before a calm. I hope this will help Nigeria.”
  4. Yomi, a trader: “People do not buy things again. I feel the reason is that for now, everyone is trying to survive. No one has the money to spend on anything that is not food. Even the food now is expensive. Buying anything now is expensive because of the Nigeria border closure. The government should really do something on it. I don’t know how Christmas is going to be if November is like this. I hope something changes before then.”
  5. Onyeka a Poultry farmer: “I think I like the border closing. Over the years, the country has been dependent on everything imported. Now, we have a problem with consuming things made in Nigeria. I have ordered more chicken and rearing them because I know I will sell them off this December. The same thing is the case with Rice farmers. They are happy because their market is moving. The government should also help us with loans now that there is market, so we can increase production.”

The above replies were collected across the streets and via phone call. The replies have been edited for grammatical errors.

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