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Olu Onemola, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki’s New Media Aide has rejected the appointment to continue in same position with the 9th Assembly’s Senate President. After men in their 50’s took to the streets of Abuja to cry about their neglect in the sharing of the national cake, Olu has decided that he was not going to have a slice of that cake either.

He basically said, “better not to fight in the mud with a pig.” That is harsh though, but in the letter, he wrote, “However, at this time, given the controversy that this has generated, I would respectfully like to be excused from taking up this national assignment.” Note the ‘respectfully’ there.

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But this is funny though, an interview was conducted and someone recommended someone, you were not recommended and you are crying. Someone outshone you during the interview, and you are crying blue murder. Instead of fixing your reputation and English, you are protesting. Everything is not street ooo, sometimes, you just need good English, good head and about 4 years experience to bag a job. Read the full story here.

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