Gay Jesus
Gay Jesus
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Netflix is about to host a Special about Gay Jesus and some people support it–some don’t however. You may be alien to the social media space, especially Twitter, if you are yet to follow the rants, bants, outrage following the anticipated release of the movie, ‘The First Temptation of Christ’.

In this Netflix Special produced and directed by a Brazilian Youtube media outfit; Portos Dos Fundos. They have since defended their choice of making the video.

Check here for more details.

Porto dos Fundos spoke of artistic freedom while defending its decision to create the special show. “Porta dos Fundos values artistic freedom and humor through satire on the most diverse cultural themes of our society, and believes that freedom of expression is an essential construction for a democratic country,” the group said in a statement.

Already, 1.1 million people have signed a petition seeking that the Netflix Special be pulled from the movie streaming site.

Here are some of the most prominent reactions to the news.

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