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Naira Marley was recently released from jail, and he has come out a changed man! Overwhelmed by the experiences he faced and the things he saw, Marley vows to help those he left behind. The Nigerian Kim K freeing people from prison maybe? He expressed his thoughts about the Nigerian prison system stating, “I met one guy, he has been in jail for 9 years but never been to court, as in they haven’t found him guilty yet. What if he is not even guilty?”. A very good question, what does it say about the way we treat our people if this is happening.

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Naira Marley expressed the plight of many and shed light on an epidemic that has been brewing right under our noses in Nigeria. To put this into perspective, as of May 27th 2019, the total inmate population was 73,248,  while 49,875 were awaiting trial. Above all, if this is further broken down into how many of these felons were wrongly convicted, the numbers are expected to be extremely disheartening. Clinton Kalu is a living victim of this mistake as he was wrongly convicted and spent 27 years in jail missing out on great life moments.

The Nigerian Judiciary.

Along with this, there is no proper system in place that helps Nigerians integrate back into society after they come out of jail. So really the question is what are we doing?

What are your thoughts on Naira Marley’s comments?
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