Naira Marley
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Woke up this morning to see the now viral video of a group of thugs, who are allegedly fans of the embattled Nigeria artiste – Naira Marley, attacking and assaulting popular Ruggedman, a Nigerian artiste renowned for his strong opinions and, sometimes, stronger opinion.


Ruggedman’s offence? He dared to have a strong opinion about Naira Marley and his alleged involvement in fraud and not-so-subtle endorsement thereof, the negative effect of the thriving international fraud industry that Nigeria seems to have developed and the long term impact of these issues on the present and future existence of young Nigerian men and women.

It is shocking that people will go that far to defend their self-assumed rights to commit fraud. It is shocking that Nigerians not only condone and justify these crimes but that have also found the means and willingness to violently attack people who dare speak out against these crimes.

Maybe it shouldn’t be so shocking seeing as millions of Nigerian youth have thronged social media to defend and justify the right of others to commit these crimes. Maybe it shouldn’t be so shocking seeing as we often read comments such as “Speak against our politicians instead”, “After all, the West has been colluding with our politicians to steal our resources” and “There is so much poverty. What do you want him/them/us to do?”.

To think that these are supposed to be the “leaders of tomorrow”.

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  1. According to Prof. Pat Utomi, he once said the we live in a society where thieves are made Chiefs, so am not surprised, I hope this matter doesn’t escalate beyond this, because Nigerian youths are more passionate about Artists and celebrities than they are about their country.


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