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It is now clear that Nigerians are fun lovers. Not even the lockdown or curfew has proven to be a fun stopper.

In the last few days, the internet has been bustling with a new trend called the ”#thematter”.

Here are the latest list of matters we are about to settle:

House wey husband and wife don dey live in as tenant over 10yrs, husband just find out say na hin wife get am na #TheMatters we dey settle oh

Dis woman saved the number of the guy who use to supply them honey as”HONEY” as e dey hot, the husband was with her phone and dis guy send a message saying”What you will get today will be sweeter than what you got last week”. Na the matter why we still dey try solve

My guy go olosho house say e wan nack….. olosho say she wan dey safe na e she kan pour sanitizer on top e penis … penis no gree stand again ooo … na ikotun police station we dey since morning oo we dey try settle


Calabar man don go chop John Wick dog na #TheMatters we dey try settle since morning

Na this matter we dey solve since morning for my hospital ooo.. we no fit attend to other patients

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