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Kwam 1
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Kwam 1, a popular Fuji singer may just have gotten free publicity as @dondekojo, a twitter user did an expose on his adulation of alleged and convicted fraudsters in his songs. Music and crime have always been a Siamese twin and someone may just have ruffled feathers for pointing that out in a tweet.

Here is the much-talked-about thread which has possibly been deleted due to threats.

Remember the backlash about Highlife musicians of old singing praises of people with a questionable source of wealth? If you do not remember, then you are just being normal.

Maybe only a few may have heard a pocketful of backlash. And that is because Highlife Musicians like Kwam 1, Oliver De Coque etc, all presumably got away with praising alleged and convicted fraudsters and kingpins.

@dondekojo made it a duty to make a thread of the popular Fuji Singer, Kwam 1’s many instances of singing the praises of convicted felons. In his tweet, which has now been deleted, he mentioned 8 of those instances, sharing resources from the US government and reputable Newspapers to corroborate his point.

In some of his tweets, he mentioned that the thread came in defense of Naira Marley, the popular Soapy crooner. He believes that the young man has come under several unwarranted attacks as a result of the selective outrage built into society. He also thinks that music, crime, and immoral behaviors have continuedly had a threesome over the years and have given birth to what society calls entertainment.

Come to think of it, Nigerians bump unto Cardi B’s many lewd lyrics but call out Naira Marley?

Top of @dondekojo‘s list is Ade Bendel, who in a dramatic twist of oxymoron, was described as a notorious gentleman. The said Ade Bendel is accused of defrauding “Army Generals, businessmen, government MDAs, etc.” @dondekojo added Ade Bendel defrauded a certain General Abba Kyari for N500m way back.” Ayobami concluded by stating that the famed supposed fraudster was picked up by the US, prosecuted and has now become a Pastor.

In his 8-man list which included men of high net worth like Maurice Ibekwe, Demola Oyefeso, Sati Ramoni, the famed Lanre Shittu Motors, Kwam 1’s son, Azeez Igbira and Rafiu Elele, Ayobami went on to provide sources for reference purposes.

However, part of what this thread points to is that one can have a nationwide establishment like Lanre Shittu Motors, and still have some questions to his/her wealth. Lanre Shittu according to @dondekojo was extradited to the US after he was kidnapped by DEA agents in Lagos, in collaboration with President Obasanjo and the NDLEA. When the DEA and NDLEA get involved with someone, then it means the crime may be related to narcotics.

The most amazing part of the thread may not have been the thread itself. The reactions it evoked added frenzy and a little angst to the thread. Die-hard fans of the Musical Ace, Kwam 1, came for @dondekojo, accusing him of playing politics because some ACN (ACN is part of the party that became APC) chieftains like Azeez Igbira was caught in the crossfire.

Mr. Igbira was in the words of @dondekojo “arrested by the EFCC for trying to defraud former Abia State Governor, Senator Theodore Orji’s wife, after defrauding another PDP chieftain.” He went on to describe him rather sarcastically as an ‘opposition hero.

@dondekojo while pointing out the reason behind the thread stated that Kwam 1’s integrity is not under question in the thread, but he wanted to show the older generation coming for the younger generation, that what happened to the Mice, also happened to the Lizard. This looks like a typical case of ‘remove the plank in your eyes before you complain about the splinter in mine’.

@dondekojo has not yet come back to Twitter as at the time of filing this report, but what may have kept him away could range from several flagging of his account and a possible government threat, since the said singer is influential within the ruling party.

Whether flagged or not, it seems some people are already catching on to the supposed reason behind the thread.

Do you think the country should declare a state of emergency on fraud or only apply selective outrage?

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