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These days, being an entrepreneur trying to make some ‘Mulaa’ in Nigeria can be harder than trying to put the country in order or maybe it is, maybe all we need is the right tool. We can’t speak for our leaders though.

But we can speak for the entrepreneur trying to make his products and services more available and accessible to his potential customers.

Ever heard of Mulaa? Just like the money slang the word represents, this platform allows you to put all your products and services in one link and it gets better. It allows you to manage all the sales on that link.

Think of it as a social Ecommerce website where the followers/customers can also chat with you as they check out your products.

mulaa website

It allows you to share the links on different social media platforms and have several users go through your products and services and buy them on one page. Who needs to build a website from scratch when you can just get a Mulaa account.

mulaa website

Get started here

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