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It’s the Christmas season and with the holidays comes a lot of decisions. In every decision we make it’s important that no matter what happens, we prevent regrets as much as possible. What happens during the festive season doesn’t stay in the festive season. So, here are some mistakes we are all likely to make and should therefore avoid:

Buying things that you can’t really afford

It might be the festive season but spending is spending. No matter how ‘holiday gingered’ you are feeling, count your coins according to your size. Make sure the things you get for yourself, lover, spouse, family or friend is not completely over the edge as to transport you into debt republic. You cannot come and kill yourself. One way to help avoid this is to shop with a budget.

Shopping last minute

Put the expensive stores aside, have you tried shopping at Balogun market? Not a place to do last minute Christmas shopping . Late shoppers during christmas season end up having to pay more than they would have if they shopped early. Yes, shopping at the last minute is one holiday mistake you wouldn’t want to make. So whatever you do make time to shop at early as possible.

Eating and drinking excessively

This is for the chop life gang. It’s hood to chop; but for those that are really worried about chopping life and regretting it, be vigilant and don’t let fat catch you off guard. To make it more practicable, make a tab for yourself.

Trying to keep up with Detty December

If your wallet says no and you say yes, guess who’s going to be facing a dreadful new year? Don’t drag debts into a new year. Again, we can’t stress this enough, stop trying to keep up with people that are extravagant. Spend wisely!

Losing sight of your goals.

People are making plans that could come into fruition before the year ends but the festive season can be so occupied that we forget goals we set for the year. Try to avoid that as much as you can. Be realistic about what needs to be done and what needs to be completely avoided.

Taking up too many projects

This can drain you. People belong to communities or societies which can easily pull them into too many project. Just chill and consider the outcome of each project and the time it may consume. This will go a long way in making sure you have a wonderful holiday to remember .

If you have to travel

Make sure you have enough time to actually enjoy your stay in whatever state or country you plan on going to. Also, be certain that your stay does not clash with important functions or even work or school resumption and closing times. Some people rush into travelling then end up spending so little time that they are left feeling frustrated and not well rested

Having unrealistic expectations

We all have high expectations especially during festive seasons Whether it’s that christmas present, new year’s kiss or that unrealistic goal, it’s completely natural to have high expectations. However, you must try to make your expectations as down to earth as you cam. Since this holiday season practically represents the fact that the year is almost over, make sure you put away those unrealistic expectations that could crush you if they never come to pass.

Getting back together with that person

You’ve said you won’t do it. You’ve sworn, cursed and blocked them. Sometimes however, we tend to fall right back. A particular time that is famous for bringing those old feelings is the holiday season. A season when adrenaline is bubbling in every corner you turn. Don’t fall into that corner if you’ve made up your mind not to.

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