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A man has taken to Twitter to express his grieve on loosing his mum to the cold hands of death because of the negligence in our security operatives.

He tweeted, “This morning my mom who has been managing hypertension for over 20 yrs passed away right there in the car while I was taking her to the hospital this morning simply because men of the @PoliceNG insisted that I have to part with 20,000 naire before they will let us pass.”

I am in pains right now , I have now become an orphan all because of this lock down. My mom would not have died if we had arrived at the hospital early enough. I even offered to make a transfer these officers refused, thy said it will be traceable , they needed cash.

Even after pleading with them for over an hour , these heartless officers refused to all us move. They made me sit there and watch my mom pass away before my eyes. I doubt if I will ever be normal again after this. I hate this country, he lamented.

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So many lives is being lost daily due to this lock down and sadly it is not covid 19 that is killing them. The anger I feel right now is totally overwhelming.

I want to get something clear , @NyesomWlKE are we not allowed to take our loved ones who need medical care to the hospital ? Are we just supposed to sit at home and die. @aproko_doctor

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