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As if living in Nigeria wasn’t bad enough, with the high crime rate, poor electricity, bad roads and ignorant leaders. Our Minister of Agriculture wants us to be stuck here with him…….forever!
In a recent interview with newsmen at the end of the monthly meeting of Heads of Missions of European Union member countries, The minister said that youths’ migration was not sustainable and noted that a joint committee would be set up to advance the program to stop young people from leaving the country.

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According to him, rather than youths going out, Nigeria wants them to come back and invest in agriculture. Invest?! how? In a country where the average graduate spends his time looking for a job? Even trying to start a business on your own is a problem since the police believe all young entrepreneurs are internet fraudsters.
Maybe our dear minister has been smoking some of that Ondo weed…..he is the same man that said we import pizza from England.
Jokes aside, the atmosphere for educational, financial and any type growth is terrible and that’s why we see several people leaving the country for green pastures where they will be appreciated and allowed to exploit their potential.
If the minister thinks we need to stay in the country then things really need to change starting with the ways our leaders think.

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