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A beautiful story surfaced on Twitter from the Nigerian Police Rapid Response Squad’s Twitter handle.

The apparent bad image of the Police has ensured that stories like this do not go unnoticed.

A Husband having no way to get home after the wife went into labor resorted to calling the Police. Afterwards, the Lagos State RRS arrived and took him home, got his wife, took both to the hospital and voila! Its a girl!

Here is the story:

“About 3:00 a.m on Friday our officers in Ikoyi came across a man in distress. We accosted him and he told us his wife was in labour at home but he had no means of getting her to the hospital. He got into our vehicle and was rushed down to his home.”

Both man and wife were immediately taken to the hospital in Obalende. The officers went back to the couples residence an hour ago and found both mother and child doing well. It’s a girl”

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