Libra NYSC Kidnap
Libra NYSC Kidnap
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NYSC is increasingly becoming a trap for Nigerian youth as Corpers have been kidnapped at Bayelsa State on their way to Rivers State, as tweeted by @chukwudi1985.

Prospective corps members travelling with a Libra motors bus on their way to NYSC RIVERS STATE CAMP from Lagos State were abducted and taken to an unknown location on 18th June,2019.

They were kidnapped in Umuji in Bayelsa.

Living and working in Nigeria is becoming scarier.— Chukwudi (@Chukwudi1985) June 20, 2019

Imagine going through primary, secondary and University without significant security concerns. Then on your way to answer the clarion call, some men jump out of the bushes with guns and behold, they are not Nigerian armed forces.

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While the Corp member owes Nigeria service, Nigeria owes the Corp member protection, at least. Yes, because the ‘provision’ aspect of the deal is lacking with Corp members being exposed to the harshest environment one can think of. Remember those disheartening Corp member pictures during elections? Crazy!

Just yesterday, a sibling to a diseased Corp member bemoaned the abandonment of his family upon the death of his brother while serving the country.

It’s 3months today since my Lil brother was murdered with his roommate in swali Yenegoa. The @nysc_ng contributed nothing to his burial. The @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_CRU is yet to find his killers even when Dey hv ova 5 suspects in their custody. The govt Bayelsa has kept mute. #George— RADIO JAGABAN @naijafmPH (@HonestAkpos) June 20, 2019

Another Corp member shared a picture of a scorpion that stung a corp member only to discover that there were no anti venoms in the clinic:

I want to reiterate that NYSC is a stupid scheme that should be scrapped asap. This stung a corp member inside my hostel and guess what? No antivenom😆— Longus (@femioyadiran) June 19, 2019

How many death, kidnap and scorpion stings should happen before the NYSC takes the security of its own Corp Members seriously? Wait didn’ t the head of NYSC has something to say about this once, about laying down his life hmm? Read about that here.

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