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A man in Grand Haven, Michigan, who either has too much money in his life, or a very forgetful mind, or both, dropped $30k in cash from his Truck while driving on the highway. He put the money in a cardboard box and then placed the box on the bumper of the truck. Because he did not secure it properly, it fell off the Truck and onto the road, spilling the cash everywhere.

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See this life. $30k is N10.9 million. Some of us would break out in cold sweats and be within a moment of emptying our bowels if startled while walking around with only N50k in our pockets. Imagine seeing N10.9 million in cash spilled onto 3rd Mainland bridge. No traffic in the history of that bridge would be close to what we would see that day complete with Lagos versions of Aquaman as motorists head to the water with wads of cash.

So let’s “Talkabout” the good Samaritans in Yankee that returned the money. Police temporarily closed traffic lanes on the highway where the money was spilled so it could be recovered. Motorists came down from their cars and helped out. Guess how much of the money was returned.





For where! Only $2,470 was returned. Just 8% of the lost amount. The Police have put out a public notice asking people to return the money. Best of luck! Who wants to give up free money? Would you? We should put up a poll and find out how many of our readers are pure and honest.

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