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Apparently one of Buhari’s social media handlers Lauretta Onochie didn’t have the common sense to realize that if you tweet defamatory lies on social media the response you get is a multi-million naira lawsuit sliding into your DM.

We suggest a lacking in common sense because based on Buhari’s history and past comments on education, it would be a bit much to presume she has a degree.

The social media influencer of the moment Lauretta Onochie made a mindless tweet accusing PDP presidential candidate Atiku of being put on the terrorist watchlist by the United Arab Emirates. She even tried to throw in a funny joke asking whether he had been “shopping for terrorists” on his last trip to the UAE.

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That expensive joke cost her big time. She was immediately left with backlash on Twitter and hit with a retraction letter from Atiku’s lawyers. A 48-hour request for her to take the despicable tweet down and a demand to cough up 500 million Naira!

This social media assistant (who by the way is a 66-year-old Madam) has a history of tweeting lies and nonsense all over the place. Attacking PDP and the Atiku team with several made up stories. On a side note if the social media assistant is 66 we can only assume the social media manager is around 80! Facts like these just make you stop and wonder about the thinking process behind this Buhari administration.

As per usual they didn’t think far ahead and failure to comply with the requests will result in landing Lauretta Onochie aka Ms Tweet in a lawsuit that will demand N2 billion for aggravated and punitive damages.

Let’s see if she can find a hashtag for that.

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