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Kanye West announced that his much talked about album ‘Jesus Is King’ will be released in less than two weeks. He made this announcement during a listening session at George Washington University on Saturday. Although the exact date was not given, this got fans really excited.

While speaking about the album, he went further to surprise his fans by announcing his conversion to Christianity.

“I want to let you know that I am not here for your entertainment this afternoon,” West told the crowd. “We are here to spread the gospel.”

“Excuse me if I mispronounce anything,” he added. “I am a recent convert. It means I recently got saved within this year.”

Kanye’s pastor, Adam Tyson, hinted at this new direction by revealing how West reacts to people cursing in his presence.

“If somebody cusses in his presence, I’ve heard him say a couple of times, ‘Hey, man, you can’t cuss when you’re with me. I’m a born-again Christian,'” Tyson said on the Pure Flix Podcast. “Who’s gonna say that if they’re not meaning that they want Christ to be exalted in all that they do? [He told me], ‘From now on, all I want to do is serve Christ. I want every song that I sang, to have part of my testimony, to include the gospel, and to include the element of worship to our great God. That’s what I want to do.'”

On a recently aired episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kanye West further expressed the truth of his conversion. In the video, he is seen explaining his discomfort with kim’s ‘sexy’ dressing. However, Kim didn’t seem so thrilled by this revelation

Source: Complex/TMZ

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  1. […] From the Trump visit to the Church visit, Kanye has stopped midway, to record an extensive body of work which is currently shaking the foundation of hip hop, entertainment and political correctness around the world. This body of work could have taken another name, but Kanye in his defiant nature chose to go with ‘Jesus is King’. Not ‘God is King’ or ‘Allah is King’ or ‘Oluwa is King’, but Jesus is king. This album comes after his self-claimed and famed conversion to Christianity reported here. […]


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