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Democratic presidential aspirant and former US Vice President, Joe Biden has blasted President Donald Trump for walking to a church near the White House as protesters were dispersed with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets by security agents.

Trump, surrounded by his aides on Monday, held up the Bible in front of the St. John’s Episcopal Church at the White House and declared “we have the greatest country in the world.”

Reacting to Trump’s action, Biden, while delivering an address in Philadelphia, referenced the Constitution’s First Amendment, guaranteeing freedom to assemble and freedom of speech, for the protesters.

Trump on Tuesday deployed the United States National Guard troops near the White House to use force against violent protests occasioned by George Floyd’s death.

Trump described himself as a “law and order” president.

Biden said, “When peaceful protestors dispersed in order for a President, a President, from the doorstep of the people’s house, the White House, using tear gas and flash grenades in order to stage a photo op — a photo op — on one of the most historic churches in the country, or at least in Washington, DC, we can be forgiven for believing the President is more interested in power than in principle, more interested in serving the passions of his base the the needs of the people in his care.

“The President held up the Bible at St. John’s church yesterday. I just wish he opened it once in a while instead of brandishing it.”

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He advised the President to open the bible to see where Christians are admonished to love one another.

According to him, although loving one another is really hard work “but it’s the work of America.”

Biden warned that Trump or any other President will not allowed to quiet Americans’ voices.

What started as a peaceful protest in the US following the extrajudicial killing of black American, George Floyd has now generated into nationwide violence.

Just yesterday, David Dorn, a retired police officer was shot dead by some protesters.

Dorn was killed by looters after he responded to a burglary alarm at Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry on Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis.

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