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The Zakzaky saga continues and as usual, violence ensues. Shi’ites, invaded the National Assembly on Tuesday 9th,  as part of their continued protests on the incarceration of their leader, Ibrahim Zakzaky. An incident that sadly resulted in 2 deaths. 

zakzaky protest

The Shiite movement, a small but active sect in the Nigerian Muslim community, has come under national scrutiny for their approach to their beliefs and their approach to their laws and ways of life. Although the sect is adjudged as controversial by most in the public space,  the government’s handling of the situation is being heavily criticised. An instance of the alleged high-handedness by the Government is the severe crackdown on the sect at its headquarters in 2015, leading to the killing of hundreds of Shiites and ultimately, the forceful detention of their Zakzaky. This is the genesis of the contest of will between the Nigerian Shiite people and the Nigerian government.

Reports state that the protest this past Tuesday started out peaceful but turned chaotic with conflicting reports who attacked first. The Shites, or the Police? 

This latest incident raises more questions. How long will the government ignore the court orders on the Shiite Leader El Zakzaky? How long will the sect continue to protests on the streets of Abuja and can we stop this from becoming another insecurity crises.

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