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Like a naughty child who hasn’t handed in their homework on time, President Buhari delaying choosing his ministers has of course been noticed and now severely reprimanded by the international community.

A report found on Reuters commented that President Buhari’s delay in appointing ministers is not only bad for how Nigeria looks but also bad for the Nigerian economy. These delays slow down the functioning of various branches of government as there’s a lack of authority at the helm of affairs. This subsequently affects investors to have reducing contributions to the nation’s economy.

Global Media, local media, dogs, cats and even toddlers would expect an incumbent President would move faster in picking his team since this isn’t his first rodeo.

Amidst these observations, just like in school the comparisons have started. Let’s introduce you to good students in the class. President Buhari’s Senegalese and South African contemporaries; Macky Sall and Cyril Ramaphosa, who both appointed their cabinets within days of being sworn in earlier this year.

Macky Sall

With what Nigeria experienced after his first term waiting a whole 6 months to appoint his cabinet we hope ( in vain ) history won’t repeat itself. This set back was a key contributor to the chaos that destabilised our economy in 2016.\

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