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In an economy like Nigeria, everyone needs a side hustle. In fact, in developed countries, many job owners consider a side hustle a necessity. So, what are you waiting for? Here are things you need to consider in order to make your side hustle really work.



Whether or not this side hustle is somehow a passion of yours, it is necessary to prioritize the pay. Consider whether your present job pays way more than the side hustle is willing to pay before you decide to serve two jobs. This is because as necessary as it is to have that extra stream of income, it’s not really worth it if it doesn’t pay reasonably.

Consider the expenses involved. Is it worth the hassle?


Basically, create a practicable outline of your expenses. Does it yield any profit in comparison with your current job, or is there a possibility of spending all that money on keeping up with your hustle than the money you actually make? If you actually have to be physically at your side hustle space, consider the cost of transportation to and fro.

Make a plan, determine the expenses and make a decision

Your schedule


Does your work schedule fit in with your side hustle?

If you are really serious about your current job and it significantly conflicts with your side hustle, then you might end up losing that job of yours that probably pays more. Therefore, being able to determine whether the side hustle works with your schedule is one great way of keeping your real job alongside your side hustles

Location, location, location


Location is not only important in determining where you decide to live, but it turns out it’s also important in determining where you decide to work. If your side hustle needs your physical presence, then location is important. Making the location convenient will go a long way in making your side hustle really work

Complement your career goal


Many people don’t know this but it would be a lot easier to handle a side hustle if it complements your career goals. However, not every side hustle must necessarily complement a career goal

Does it make you happy?  (Check your possible stress level)


Whoever really made it in a job they utterly hate?

The worst thing a person can do is find a side hustle that virtually frustrates them to pieces. Work carries a particular level of stress, so consciously inculcating a side hustle that stresses you out, will ultimately leave you frustrated, uninspired and depressed.

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