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Inbound Marketing
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Unlike inbound marketing, a number of people have decoded half the tricks outbound marketers use in lead acquisition. About 50% of people ignore ads (mostly outbound) when they see them, according in a study by Adobe.

Also, according to a study by Hubspot, 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. If you are a B2B, and a corner stone of your marketing strategy is ad and outbound-driven, then you are likely missing out on quality leads who often role their eyes and say, “here we go again,” when your ad pops up.

Millenials have been found to enjoy the thrill of discovery. They want to feel like they found something out, and as such, part of something bigger. You will be lucky if your business is being ‘found out’, because you stand a higher chance of being recommended if your services are great.

A quick one. A CEO tells the Assistant, “look, give me a list of the top 5 Data, Content and Growth Consultants in Nigeria,” and what does the assistant do? Mind you, there is a huge likelihood half the Assistants to CEOs around the world are millennials who are invariably increasingly growing ad-proof.

Now, the Assistant rushes over to Google for a quick search. Suggestions pop up, serenading themselves with pristine copies. The Assistant knows that his/her job relies on the veracity and integrity of this list. The Assistant cuts through the suggestions and scrolls down to see what independent publications are saying about ‘Top 5 Data, Growth, and Content Agencies Nigeria.”

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A long tail keyword nonetheless, and you will be surprised they are pretty effective. That drives me towards the importance of long tail optimization in all of these.

Long tail keywords have fewer search interest than their short tail friends, but the catch is, the searches for them are very intentional and they are less competitive. Hence, this improves the quality of the leads you might be getting off a long tail keyword. And you know what?

This post is about quality not quantity, and if you are a B2B, your acquisition cost is almost always higher than a B2C, and you should be worried about the quality of leads you get.

Just like the Assistant, majority of people who search a long tail keyword do so, with the intention to convert.

Suddenly the Assistant who is assumed to know half of the tricks marketers use (to be fair, knowing half is knowing a lot), then bumps into a CIGroup article on how Data and Content can birth quality leads, businesses for your growth. Luckily enough, the article is optimized for “data, growth, content consultant Lagos.”


The assistant consumes the article with keen interest and even sees a suggestion in the same blog, “How Nigerian Consultants are Using Data and Content for Growth.” The assistant consumes that also and only then is the assistant able to check the ‘about us’ page of this blog giving free quality content on Data, Content and Growth.

Voila! The Assistant just got the first name on the list. Thing is, this Consultant is the first person that will be contacted by the CEO, who is assumed not to have a lot of time. If the business is able to convert that lead, then your inbound marketing strategy just got you some money!

Inbound marketing is a transactional type of marketing where the marketer gives you something that makes you trust them, and takes your interest as lead. The inbound marketer puts out content out there, hoping that you, like a Game, would fall into the sneer, carefully mixed with grasses and shrubs so that you do not see it.

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Sometimes, these traps come like gifts, think about the Trojan horse. A very popular tactics is when they tell you to share your email, so that you receive a voucher, a free eBook or a free sample of what you were searching for. People are increasingly seeing through that now and for you to be a better inbound marketer, maybe, just maybe you should think differently.

Using the Assistant story, as a business, how then do you ensure that the assistant submits your company as the first name on the list of 5, for whatever product you are marketing?

The whole thing about buyer persona is taken with levity in the marketing space but look, it is as serious as it comes. Most B2Bs do not know that there number one target audiences are not the CEO, but the Assistant or Secretary of the CEOs, and this shows. For payment companies, a lot of them do not know that there top target are software developers. Hence, how best do you target these people in the Content side of the overall inbound marketing strategy?

Know what your target does and loves, down to food preferences, if possible. At the office, we were looking at a sample document from a U.S company and the moment the document mentioned Agege bread in the examples, we immediately erupted in laughter and by so doing, connected to the brand immediately.

If there is a need to work with a US company that provides the kind of services they provide, 60% of the people in the room would have been emotionally attached and even if the bottom line does not work out, they would make the top list of companies to consider.

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You get?

For whatever it is you are selling, know your primary and secondary buyer persona. In this case, the Assistant is the primary persona and the CEO is the secondary buyer persona. This is at the foundation of the kind of inbound content strategy you adopt. Testimonials saliently placed in ‘How to’ articles work a magic because of the thrill of discovery it offers people.

It works better if the article is hosted on third party platforms too. So says a Hubspot study that millennial are 44% more likely to trust experts who happen to be strangers, than advertisements and 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs. This makes a solid case for third party features, as well as testimonial marketing, which can be infused into the overall inbound strategy.

The whole idea is to give them that thrill of discovery, while just like a puppeteer, you control what they feel about you from a host of content placed strategically for their consumption and conversion.

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