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A lot of things happen in one’s life over huge periods of time, some for the better and others for the worse. Most times hitting rock bottom with a zero chance of surfacing. 

We all know what an extra zero would do to that 100k we’ve managed to save in this money drain of a country, flexing or investing, that’s your choice. We’re not here to dream with you, leave the fairy tales for Disney. 

Instead, we are going to look at some of the possible worse case scenarios and let you know how an extra zero might ruin your life. 

1. Buying Airtime   

We’ve all seen those guys ranting on twitter about how they mistakenly bought N5000 airtime instead of N500, and we always seem to laugh at them and offer them unrealistic advice on how to sell the excess to their followers. Funny right? Till it happens to you. 

The last 5k in your account, and you try to recharge N500 airtime and bam! You thought it was 500.00 on your phone screen, too late. It’s irreversible, rock meets bottom. 

boy on phone

2. More Money Mo Problems

So popular, yet so true! That is if you are a loud mouth, where do you think the phrase “cash out in silence” came from? How do you think one ends up spending N100k in one weekend? 

So the fairy tale happens, you get an extra zero added to your N100k bank account…..oh joy! The world must know about this, I don blow. Big mistake, now everyone thinks you’re rich and they want to flex with you. The friend they can always borrow money from……” no need to pay him back, he’s a baller na”. 

Back to square one, a short high of financial independence…… a past memory. 

Flexing in club

3. The Danfo Bus Dilemma

You’re late for work with only 1k in hand, let’s just rough it jare……..las las we go day alright you mumble. Till the conductor pairs you with some else to share the N500 change, sadly it’s not a pretty lady like in the movies, instead, it’s iya tawa and she doesn’t seem to be in a rush. 

Good luck explaining to your boss why you missed the meeting because of N200. 

Suck with Danfo

4. Fare Prices 

Nigeria is that country that seems to be stuck in the past, constantly finding ways to make life hard for its citizens, and by Nigeria, I mean its people. 

In a city like Lagos, the bus fare on a Friday morning could be N200 and by evening when everyone’s rushing to redeem camp, the price would skyrocket to a ridiculous N500. 

So much for having only N500 cash, these guys don’t use the POS or all that tap to pay futuristic mehmeh……..we’re still in the year 2001. 

Las las, you’re stranded in downtown Yaba. Hopefully, you don’t get obtained. 

Stranded in Lagos

5. Buying things online 

You’re on Jiji window shopping like we all do, and bam! You see this game console on sale, it’s a PS4 Pro and it’s going for just N14000…..hello black friday! Too good to be true, order ASAP! 

And then it dawns on you after you made the order, looking at the receipt…….its N140000 plus shipping.

Have fun explaining to the overstressed Jiji customer care guy. 

Confused talking on phone

6. Over Speeding

Doing 150kph on a busy road where you should be doing 15kph, one wrong move and you have a huge repair bill, a broken limb or worse…….no life at all. 

These are some ways in which an extra zero can ruin one’s life or even the lives of others. Remember plan properly before you ruin your life. 

Lagos car accident

Yes, Dangote and Otedola have more zeros than we can ever imagine…….the ones that will not ruin your life.

Ps. They planned things properly, taking calculated risks and not being oversabis

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