2019 mac pro setup
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After quite a long time of waiting for a new Mac pro rig, Apple has finally graced our eyes with a new bank account straining device that will start at around $6,000……yes, it goes up to a whopping $45,000 when you start getting the specs you really need.
Hold on to your trousers, don’t wet them yet. This super high-end cheese grater looking set up is only meant for the serious stuff like 3d animations and editing large 4k videos.
So two devices were unveiled….beastly machines to be precise and we’re gonna give you a simple and quick breakdown.


Apple pro display xdr

Apples latest insane 6k monitor which is designed to go with the Mac Pro computer and it costs $5,000 plus an extra $1,000 for the stand. Why the high price range? Well, a 36-inch HDr 6k display and a screen capable of 1000 nits of brightness……..you can stick that monitor to the front of your car use it as a halogen headlamp.

2. The Mac Pro

2019 Mac pro

At first glance, it looks like that abandoned cheese grater in the kitchen cabinet that nobody uses but don’t get any ideas it’s just a new design……..a much-needed design as this mini tower of a devices churns out so much heat thanks to all the extreme hardware it’s packing.
So it has space, plenty of it for expandable storage and it really expands……..shrinking your bank account in the process.
The MAC pro has 12 accessible DIMM slots that can accommodate as much as 1.5 terabytes of RAM, wait for it!
This cheese grating beast can be upgraded to 4 terabytes of RAM! Thanos was right, one man can’t have this much power!
Hold on before you have a nerdy orgasm, it also has a 28 core 2.5ghz intel Xeon processor…………speed and power!

All the spec upgrades we just mentioned wont come cheap as the cheapest rig combo will come at around $33,000…….say hello to an anti social lifestyle for a while.

Do I need one? Probably not, unless you’re a big-time 4k video editor or you do stuff that requires high processing speed, something faster maybe?
Hopefully, you don’t have that phobia for holes…..

Mac pro holes

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