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Think we have it bad in Nigeria? Go and talk to the guys in South Korea. Dating seems like a burden on their already stressful lifestyles with the rising rate of unemployment in the country.

South Koreans find the dating scene to be on the expensive side, spending an average of $55 (N20,000) per date………..surely there must be other ways to spend time together.

Nope majority of South Koreas’ young population prefer to focus all their energy and free time on education and self developement……talkabout a focused nation. And the dangerous bit? well there has been a major rise in sex crimes and gender discrimination leading to a huge reluctance for young Koreans to get in the dating scene.

Stories of heartbroken boyfriends beating up or stalking their partners after a bad break up and worst of all?! The sex scandals thanks to the huge influence of pornography on the young Korean demograhpic, thankfully this is being worked on by the South Korean Authorities.

Going through all the South Korean headlines got us thinking, Nigeria is in a much worse position!

If they’ve got some issues in the system, what about us? Superior unemployment rate, major economic strain and it looks like everything in Nigeria is dangerous and hard, but almost every one has a girlfriend (or two or three)

Studies show that the average Nigerian does not have the opportunity to spend high costs on dates because the main costs go during the toasting period and the maintenance period.

Before you even get round to asking a girl out there are several expenses that add up, before the guy gets a seat at the table. Buying the girl several amounts of thousands of credit, sending her flowers, giving her treats, these are just some of the common costs incurred before the date.

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Then even if you do catch a girl, to keep her buy your side, will cover a rack of bills. Even the super independent woman with a high flying job needs to be impressed. Infact those women are worse because it’s not credit and cinema tickets that will get them excited right?

All this pressure and financial expense leads to the drastic reactions to break ups. When you sit and think about it, you cannot afford to break up in some relationships because you have invested too much. The whole situation is enough to drive anyone mad.

The sad thing about all of this is most Nigerian relationships do not end in marriage, unless its an unwanted pregnancy hence the high rise in baby mamas……..sadly most Nigerians do not have the financial might of Wizkid and Davido. You know the drill………….the cycle continues.

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