Lawan Appoints Saraki Aides
Lawan Appoints Saraki Aides
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In the build-up to the 2019 Presidential election, two groups of people emerged, the hailers and the wailers. The hailers were Buharists, supporting the President and the APC, while the wailers were everyone else. After the 2019 Senate President election with Ahmed Lawan coming up top, the hailers came for the heads of all wailer, ridiculing them about the victory of the APC in the election.

However, Senate President Ahmed Lawan dealt the hailers a stealth blow as he inherited about four of the past Senate President’s (Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki’s) aides. Not only that, the Senate President appointed a staunch newspaper critic of the President and APC who writes Tribune. Imagine the tears all over Twitter as staunch pro-APC supporters were looked over for this guy! APC Twitter was in tears o.

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In a successful attempt at sarcasm, a twitter troll pretending to be a Buharist tweeted for the increase in salary of the Buhari Media Crew who are also called e-herdsmen.

Dear @BashirAhmaad,
On behalf of BMC worldwide from Whatsapp group 16, we demand a raise from 30k to 60k!!! If the senate president does not #SackFestusAdedayo now, then we deserve a raise or we go on strike by taking back our brains back temporarily!
Aluta continua! ✊✊✊— Primebuharist (@primebuharist) June 20, 2019

Hmmm this 9th Senate is getting off to a very rocky start

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