jack the ripper
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In the late 1800s, there was a serial killer on the loose. He was popularly called ‘Jack the Ripper’ and his usual method was to kill and mutilate female prostitutes. He terrorized the people of England for years but he was never caught. The present serial killer who is terrorizing the people of Port Harcourt has a similar pattern: He kills women. Whether or not these victims are all prostitutes seems to be what Police officials are still trying to figure out.

jack the ripper

The killings of the yet to be unidentified PH serial killer began at a time in July 2019 and so far, there have been five reported cases of these killings. The attack ascribed to the PH serial killer is that of strangling the victims to death before tying their hands, their legs and necks with white clothing. However, the outrage on twitter has given several indications that the killer might have succeeded in killing more than the number of women reported to the police

port harcourt serial killer victim

Twitter has been bountiful with outrage with several users accusing the Police of not taking the matter seriously as a result of the status of ‘prostitution’ placed on the victims. Several women have come to the streets to protest the killing, making the matter even more pronounced.

protest on security

Here are some of the tweets we gathered

The Police, responding to the series of outcries have stated that they are doing all they can to curb the problems and bring the killer to justice. Although it is still uncertain whether or not a culprit is a single unit or a syndicate, it still pertinent that this case does not have the sad and unresolved ending of Jack the ripper

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