Glory Osei & Husband
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Glory Osei has come under fire for alleged abuse of employee rights starting from her indiscriminate hiring and sacking of workers.

Yesterday, Nigerian Twitter (a corner of Twitter where Nigerians discuss Nigerian issues), erupted with a former employee of Divergent Business Enterprise calling out Glory Osei, the company’s boss on the culture of indiscriminate hiring and firing.

It all started when Glory, a known Twitter CEO (no disrespect), announced a vacancy at her company. All was going well and people were probably crowding her DMs with a lot of “change my life please,” when another Twitter user quoted her tweet and alleged massive abuse of workers between Glory and her supposed husband, Muyiwa, and corporate scams which include Landlagos, Porkmoney and Network bank.

Every other event that unfolded from then has been an offshoot of this ‘calling out’, including former employees who accused Glory Osei and Muyiwa of being the source of their depression, anxiety, hypertension etc.

Here is how everything unfolded.

Glory Osei has since released about three statements, one of which is :

Divergent Business, the corporate entity at the center of the crisis has since released a statement concerning the chaos:

Other Nigerians had a lot to say though, especially those angry about her feminist stand:

Some jokes came on board, with users using an old clip of Paw Paw to dramatize the way Glory Osei mistreats workers:

You know there are people who have lost faith in motivational speakers and they find a way to drag them, not minding what the issue is. Now what is the relationship between Glory Osei and ‘aspire to perspire” Twitter?

Someone had to wake Mr Invictus from his likely Jail slumber to take part in what is obviously none of his business.

Cool-headed Twitter was available to give their own advice. Dear Job seeker, you have heard.

Some more Twitter users came forward in what looked like a Twitter Class Action, to allege mistreatment by Glory Osei and Muyiwa.

All of these would not have happened if Nigerians know to what extent the labor laws protect them. Here is a great place to start.

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