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Forbes recently released the long-awaited list of the highest-paid hip-hop artists in 2019. Kanye West might not be topping the charts when it comes to music, but he seemed to have topped this particular list raking in a whopping $150 million.

Although what might come to anyone’s mind is that these artistes probably made all this money through music. However, the truth of the matter is that some of these artists won’t have been bringing in the big bucks if they didn’t have their side hustles pushing them on. Kanye West who tops this list hasn’t had any latest hits in music but his fashion line, Yeezy seems to be making all the right hits.  According to reports, his Yeezy brand will be bringing in $1.5 billion by the end of this year; can his music do that?  Other artistes like Jay Z and Drake who follow suit also have their different businesses that bring in the money. So, basically, these artistes have different side hustles that have kept them money deep in the rich gang.

This goes to show that even the wealthiest amongst us do not depend on one hustle alone but strive to get their hands on other hustles that can help them secure the bag. Rihanna, for instance, hasn’t released her long-anticipated album simply because of how much she is pushing to truly establish her Fenty fashion line. Putting your eggs in more than one basket and maintaining side hustles just seems like the direction everyone, and we mean everyone is taking.

P.S: Peep Cardi B’s spot on the list

See the list here:

1.Kanye West ($150 million)

kanye west

2. Jay-Z ($81 million)

jay z

3. Drake ($75 million)


4. Diddy ($70 million)


5. Travis Scott ($58 million)

travis scott

6. Eminem ($50 million)

7. DJ Khaled ($40 million)

8. Kendrick Lamar ($38.5 million)

kendrick lamar

9. Migos ($36 million)

10. Childish Gambino ($35 million)

Childish Gambino

11. J. Cole ($31 million)

j cole

12. Nicki Minaj ($29 million)

Nicki Minaj

13. Cardi B ($28 million)

cardi b

14. Swizz Beatz ($23 million)

swizz beatz

15. Meek Mill ($21 million)

Meek Mill

16. Birdman ($20 million)


17. Future ($19.5 million)


18. Nas ($19 million)


19. Wiz Khalifa ($18.5 million)

 Wiz Khalifa

20. Pitbull ($18 million)

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 19: International superstar Pitbull visits the SiriusXM studios for the launch of his SiriusXM channel, Globalization, on May 19, 2015, in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

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