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Flour Mills Nigeria has responded to the call for private sector contributions in the fight against coronavirus in Nigeria by redeeming their N1bn pledge, providing relief materials and medical supplies to Nigerians and more.

See how FMN is mobilizing resources to support Nigeria through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The N1bn donation is part of a bigger plan by Nigeria’s private sector to support Federal and State governments in the fight against COVID-19 under the name, coalition against COVID-19 (CACOVID).

CACOVID will work to fight COVID-19 by raising public awareness, supporting healthcare professionals, institutions and governments, and by mobilizing private sector leadership and resources.

FMN, away from the contributions to CACOVID has also supported Federal, state governments, ministries, agencies and workers by expanding Nigeria’s testing capacity with 60,000 Covid-19 test kits, supporting 10,000 Nigerian healthcare workers in 15 states, and supporting thousands of vulnerable families in 12 states.

FMN was incorporated in September 1960 as a private limited liability company and has been serving the needs of generations of Nigerians ever since. It has its operations across the country with its flagship brand, Golden Penny making it to almost every dinner table in the country, everyday.

The Company which prides itself with its mantra, “feeding the nation, everyday,” has stepped into the shoes of a giver, a carer and a provider since Nigeria recorded its index case of COVID-19.

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Symbolically, FMN celebrates its BIG 60 in Nigeria this year, 2020, a year replete with challenges ranging from health to revenue crisis. For the company, there was never a more important way to show support and live up to its mantra, than feeding thousands of families across 12 states with its 400 Million food program.

Some of the states that benefited from the 400 Million Flour Mills Nigeria COVID-19 support Program include; Cross Rivers, Rivers, Ekiti, Ogun, Oyo, Kano, Lagos, Edo, Kaduna, Niger, Kwara, and Yobe. This included the distributions of up to 3,000 cartons of Golden Penny products and more to each state.

Covid 19 – FMN reiterates its commitment to feeding the nation ...

See how FMN is mobilizing resources to support Nigeria through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, FMN’s intervention for health workers stem from the conviction that the front-line workers must be protected to carry out their duties effectively. They are the country’s first line of defense and must be buffered-up, else the country may fall to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

The Group’s $1.8m medical supply effort helped provide hundreds of thousands of N95 masks, protective eye-wears, protective coveralls and Nitrex Gloves. The Group also provided 60,000 test kits to 15 states and 75 life-saving ventilators to Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control (NCDC).

More so, the health and safety of its workers and partners remain sacrosanct at this time as they continue to fulfill the mission of feeding the nation everyday even as the country stays home to save lives.

FMN has guaranteed the continuous production of food for the country at this time, in an environment operating in the strictest WHO and NCDC guidelines.

The Company has continued to stand with Nigeria during its darkest moments and has always had the safety and well being of Nigerians at heart. This is exemplified by the company’s statement by Boye Olusanya, Group Operations Officer while presenting FMN’s multi-billion Naira medical supply response to the COVID-19;

“To reduce the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, FMN will continue to work with the Federal Government and related agencies to provide relief materials.

“The safety of Nigerians is paramount to us, so we encourage all Nigerians to adhere to the necessary protective measures against the virus and its spread.”

Paul Gbededo, the CEO of FMN in a statement mentioned the reason why the Group waded through national and international restrictions to provide Nigeria and Nigerians with needed medical and food relief materials as the COVID-19 rages on;

“Seeing the economic hardships facing many people as a result of the necessary public health restrictions on movement, the company, in partnership with relevant government authorities, has also commenced donating food across the country in fulfillment of its purpose of “Feeding the Nation, Everyday”.”

This, more than ever is a clarion call to all private businesses to put in their shift as Nigeria battles a health and revenue crisis like no other.

Nigeria needs a meaningful intervention from corporate Nigeria and FMN is leading the way.

See how FMN is mobilizing resources to support Nigeria through the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Ozoemena Noel Nonso

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