FIx My Space
FIx My Space
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Fix My Space is a Nigerian Show Seeking to Change Lives By Changing Spaces.

From a cluttered bedroom to a poorly-lit office to the view from a window —your physical environment impacts your well-being greatly.

Sometimes, all people just need is a hand that will lead them through the difficult times. People who end up being featured on #FixMySpace, a reality TV show, get a chunk of these hands, alongside a generous splash of interior décor makeovers.

In one of the promotional episodes of the show, Fix My Space, a beneficiary was heard saying, “Things are really tough for us,” amidst tears.

Another is seen hugging the Host of Fix My Space, Eniola Shitta in what looked like tears of appreciation.

Another man is sited in his house while speaking to the Host, “three years ago, we got this space from my Inlaw, and things have not been easy.”

Millions of families and businesses in Nigeria, are suffering under the weight of increasing rent with a stagnant income at national and individual level.

Eniola Shitta an Architect, who is the Host of Fix My Space, dreamed of a show with social implications where she can change lives by changing spaces. She probably wanted a show that will convivially combine her passion and career.

This show tries to choose one deserving individual or group living in Lagos or Abuja, and gift them a design makeover of their office or living space worth N350, 000 to N750, 000.  

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By now, you may have been thinking up a series of shows in the past, like MTV’s Pimp My Ride hosted by Xzibit and Chamillionaire, where the hosts would meet a person with a seemingly jagged car, and spend a lot of fortune repairing and remodeling said car.

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This act usually would rub off on the beneficiary, financially, socially and mentally. Truth is, if you have a bad car, your mobility and productivity is likely at its lowest.

One way or the other, your finances are in trouble and if you decide to repair the car with your own money, your finances are still in trouble.

With a new car that way, chances are that your mental and social life may have gotten a makeover. This show changed people’s lives by fixing their cars.

Is it possible that MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’ is a precursor to Eniola Shitta’s Fix my Space?

For instance, a major source of value for restaurant operators are their space. A person with great meal but not so good a space, will likely not charge a lot, because while people want to eat good food, they also want to eat in a great space.

Imagine Fix My Space bags a beneficiary who owns a restaurant business, and upgrades the space, enough that the beneficiary can demand more for his or her services?

What this means is that while fixing people’s spaces, Eniola Shitta and her company may have found a way to fix people’s bags and by extension, their health and life.

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With technical and creative resources coming from Bani Media Productions, a full scale production company for TV, stage and new media, the Nigerian airwaves is set to witness possibly award winning designs with social relevance, in the spaces of Nigerians in need.

The show which is already driving some commendable traffic (10,000) on Youtube without promotion, will air on cable and terrestrial TV, including Silverbird Network, Ebony Life TV.

It will also run on 2 Local Channels (Kano & PH), with promises of active brand association and reinforcing messages for advertisers. The show is likely to target men and women ages 18-45, DIY enthusiasts, fashion-forward youth, lifestyle enthusiasts etc.

While a lot of information exist about this 13-episode show, chances are that this post may never exhaust them. Here is a good place to start if you are an enthusiast, or a prospective enthusiast.

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