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“It is shocking that Madam Aisha Buhari, the Wife of the President without doing any proper survey makes an attempt to drag the programmes and its managers in the mud. For whatever reason this is being done, it is unkind and unfair.”

These were the scathing comments Mr Bernard Okri, the President of GEPIn (Global Economic Policy Initiative ) in a statement released in reaction to Mrs Aisha Buhari. You may ask yourself what has the meddling first wife gone and done this time.

Well, in short, Aisha Buhari didn’t have her way or her say with regards to the Social Investment programme set up by her husband’s administration. This program is one of the first in history whereby Nigerian’s can make an application for the program and be selected strictly on merit.

The programmes have been praised by the President and through surveys have proven to have changed people’s lives. Several such as the N-Power programme have gained beneficiaries in over 774 Local Government areas.

However, our first lady expressed her chagrin for the government programme mainly because she did not get the chance to flex her delegating skills. She has since commented that the programme is based on “faulty standards”. Mr Okri further expressed that “to deride an entire programme in the Northern parts of the country is unfair and amounts to playing dirty sectional and ethnic politics that divides the country needlessly.”Though the President has previously made controversial comments that his wife should stay in the kitchen, it is looking like based on her ego induced interfering skills she should stay there. Read More here

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