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The Federal Ministry of Finance has come under fire for using its Twitter handle to beg US Billionaire, Elon Musk for assistance in combating the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

It all started when Elon Musk tweeted, “We have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. Device and Shipping cost are free. Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately for patients, not stored in a warehous. Please me or @Tesla know.”

The Nigerian Ministry for Finance replied, “Dear @elonmusk @Tesla, Federal Government of Nigeria needs help with about 300 to 500 ventilators to assist in the fight against #Covid-19.”

Below are screenshots of the conversation.

However, Nigerians did not take a minute to remind them that the government previously allocated N37bn for the renovation of National Assembly building and just last month, before the coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria, the House of Reps was planning on distributing 2020 model of Toyota vehicles to all members.

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