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Let’s just get right into it, a Nigerian youth found it eventful to disgrace us in London because of a passport? His problem? Talkabout has conjured up many theories. He may have gone to request his own share of the INEC Server money.

He may just have been in the mood to destroy things. But those Mercedes Benz cars that he destroyed are really beautiful. This one has passed fast and furious.

Nigerian passport. Angry guy

However, we ended up finding out that the Nigeria Immigration Service has released a statement showing the suspect as one Jeffrey Akpovweta born 1987.

According to the service, “He arrived late and was told by the security that the mission had closed for the day…he went about destroying diplomatic vehicles.” As funny as it is, some Nigerians are actually defending the suspect.

angry Nigeria youth

Are you surprised? Its the same Nigerians that defended Naira Marley, so nothing new. Some are saying that they need to hear from both sides. Others are saying that it’s possible the Mission told him that there is no material, and he got angry.

Come to think of it, it is not logical that someone will destroy vehicles because of his own lateness. C’mon, the NIS is lying abeg. To read the full story, check here.

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