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If Davido has “Thaty billion” in his account, should Nigeria not be aiming higher than reaching $45bn?

Ok, to be fair, Davido didn’t say what currency his “Thaty billion” was in so we can assume its Naira, but you know who has as much cash as Nigeria?


Remember our weekend article comparing Facebook to NEPA? Read it here http://talkaboutmag.com.ng/should-we-start-saying-up-facebook-instead-of-up-nepa/

So while researching for that story, we went digging through Facebook’s financial report to find out if they had confessed their sins with an outlook for how many outages to expect in 2019.

We didn’t find that but we did find this

Facebook financial highlights

Now, if you want to get technical, only $10bn of that is in raw cash while the remaining $31bn is in Marketable securities

Facebook financial

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut “Marketable securities” are financial instruments that can easily be converted to cash. 

So look, point is, at Talkabout, we want you to be informed. We also want you to keep things in perspective. An oil giant like Nigeria should have way more dollars in its reserves! How much?

Look at the top countries as at 2018:

richest oil producing coutnries in the world

Which way, Nigeria? Switzerland with just 8 million people that you can fit in Lagos almost 3 times has $804 billion to your $45 billion? Hmmmm, wait oh, maybe some of that money is ours since some of the Abacha loot made its way there.

Anyway, we must do better! How? EXPORT MORE STUFF OTHER THAN OIL!

Now we’re going to listen to Davido for some inspiration.

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