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Aso Rock has been on fire over the developing fracas between Zahra, Halima and Yusuf Buhari over the purported overbearing attitude of Buhari’s PA and nephew, Sabiu Tunde.

According to journalist, Jackson Ude, the kids did not fancy Tunde’s attitude towards their mother, Aisha and this made Yusuf pay Tunde a ‘little visit’.

During the visit, Tunde was overpowered, after which he reportedly scaled the fence to escape the wrath of the kids fortified by security guards.

Tunde ran to Mamman Daura’s apartment after which he ensured that the FCT Commissioner of Police got Aisha’s ADC arrested.

Here is the full story as narrated by Jackson Ude on Twitter.

“THE WAR IN ASO ROCK: AISHA AND KIDS VERSUS “TUNDE” SABIU “What happened on Thursday night is a big embarrassment. The First Lady and three of her children – Zahra, Halima and Yusuf – took some policemen attached to her, including her ADC to Tunde’s house.”

“They didn’t like the way Tunde spoke to their mother, so they actually went there to fight him. During their confrontation with him, he was overpowered and clearly could not withstand their number, so he ran for his dear life.

“It was as he was running,they were chasing him that they shot a few times into the air. They chased him to the house of his uncle, Mamman Daura. Of course, they couldn’t enter Mamman’s residence to get Tunde but they shouted and made a lot of threats before they eventually left.

“Do you know that Yusuf later went back to Tunde’s house in the wee hours of the morning with a gas tank to burn it down? Thank God Tunde wasn’t home when he got there. That was what saved his life.”

As a result, Aisha Buhari, the First Lady has taken to Twitter to call on the Inspector General of Police to release her ADC who was caught in the crossfire of the family squabbles.

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