Peruzzi and Pamilerin
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News broke of the DMW artist, Perruzzi slapping a self-touted Twitter influencer yesterday. No lies, the slap was heavy, the type that your dad would usually dash you when your mum wants to beat you and you block her with your hands. Not a laughing matter but I needed to picture the weightiness of the slap, in case you did not see Dr. Pam Pam’s emotional ‘he slapped me’ pictures.

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But there is a problem, Nigerians are justifying it saying, “street is slippery,” “street is military.” But if SARS catch you with tight jeans and extort you, you would be complaining and “atting” World Bank, United Nations in your tweets, hashtagging “human right abuse”. Now I have to ask, do Nigerians want justice, equality or they just want to grab power and oppress their former oppressors? Which is it?

If you want the full amebo, then you know what to do. Click

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