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In an emotional twist of events, a lady known as Gbemisoke on Twitter has told the story of her father’s friends training his brother through University after her father’s death and how they all burst into tears when her brother received his first salary at work and presented it to them.

She tweeted;

“My brother took his first paycheck to my dad’s friends, who had set up a fund after my dad died and paid his way through his MSc. I saw grown men crying that day ehn. They cried more than they did at their friend’s funeral. It’s a symbolic gesture.Quote Tweet

Even if they never saw themselves all year, gathering at Uncle Remi’s house on January 1st was something my dad & his friends never missed. So my brother showing up that day & then prostrating, thanking them for being his daddies & then giving them the envelope. Tears everywhere

My daddies friends were good to us sha, especially to my brother. And even though uncle Remi has passed away too, I’ll never forget how he told all the others at the funeral to suspend their tears and make sure Sola’s kids are okay, because when they leave they’ll forget about us

They sha set up a trust fund of sorts for my brother’s education that night, everybody pledged money, they appointed a manager & afterwards, all my brother had to do was request funds & cha ching! The rest of us had finished school so he was the only 1 who ever had to draw funds

So that night was really emotional for everyone. He had graduated, they could congratulate themselves for a job well done. They were effusive in their praise of him. Next thing the boy prostrated & brought out envelope. (My brother do usually used to have sense sometimes sha)”

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