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Electric cars have come a long way from being abominable looking monstrosities with terrible mileage to beautifully designed luxury cars driven by celebrities and very rich people (that you want to copy)

Like all fairy tales, there’s always an obstacle the protagonist has to overcome in the middle of the tale. Alas it looks like we are at the part with the incidents involving electric cars. Most recently, a Tesla Model S randomly caught fire in a Shanghai parking garage, just like that. Like that wasn’t enough, another electric car, a NIO ES8 also caught fire at a repair centre in Xi’an, China.
And get this, these are part of over 40 reported electric car fire incidents that have happened in China alone. What could be the cause? Should electric car drivers be afraid?
Very afraid?

Tesla has sent some engineers to find out what could have caused the fire……hopefully the mystery will be solved and then we can proceed to the climax of our Electric car fairy tale were they become mainstream and end the age long reign of the dirty but spirited internal combustion engine.
Ps. if your country doesn’t have stable power supply or is ignoring Ben Bruce’s push for a bill looking at how to explore renewable sources of energy, this fairy tale is not for you.

For you guys who don’t drive on a regular or can’t drive, here are 5 ways to reduce beef between you and Uber/Bolt drivers

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